Meet Eartha

Clowning with a “Porpoise!”

Painting the faces of our future.

Painting the faces of our future.

Imagine watching as the friendly-faced clown pulls a handful of feathers out of her over-sized, green pocket. She hands you the feathers and asks you to put them in a red cloth bag. You sprinkle the feathers inside, peeking in to make sure all is in order. She addresses the audience and offers you another look in the bag to verify the contents- still feathers. Then with a few magic words and the wink of an eye, out of the bag she pulls …

a live bird!!!


Describing herself as a clown “by nature,” Eartha E. Green has been wowing audiences of all ages since 1992! Eartha’s show, “The Magic of Planet Earth,” teaches awareness of our home planet, appreciation for all of the life here and the importance of saving what we have for generations to come.

Performing a magic show featuring three live animals, puppets, amazing facts, jokes & stories, children of ALL ages learn about endangered species, insects, water, recycling and the magic that is around us every day. The audience is empowered to make a difference themselves!

“Major,” a Moluccan Cockatoo (endangered), performs bat & bird impressions, will pose on any one’s shoulder and patiently watches as Eartha shows his baby picture … an egg! An awesome opossum appears in the Fear Fracture segment, highlighting that knowledge of the FACTS removes the fears we have of some creatures.

Eartha the Ecological Clown is the “World’s Favorite Clown” and she is certain to bring joy and an important heartfelt message to your next event!

Eartha is backed by the World!

Eartha is backed by the World!

Eartha’s the perfect choice for:

  • Schools & Libraries
  • Festivals, Fairs & Conventions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Face Painting
  • Magic Shows
  • Company Picnics
  • Family Events
  • Camps
  • Markets
  • Walk-Arounds
  • Parades
  • T.V. Shows
  • And more!

You’ll laugh!  You’ll learn!  You’ll LOVE it!

For booking information,
call 503-297-8450.